The solution comes with own reporting.  Customer will have their own web page where the reporting is visible on-line.

Reporting Meters are updated every 5 to 10 minutes. Reporting metrics can also be linked to the customer's own web pages or other sources.

Reporting includes:

  • My Reporting Portal (web pages). It is also possible  extend to mobile application.
  • Weekly Reporting by Email (in pdf format)
  • E-mail alert for overrun (if applicable)

Online-meters. Upgrade every 5 to 10 min intervals. It can also be exported to the customer's own pages.

Reporting, data processing

In reporting, information can be divided into either:

  • According to a higher target (for example, if the same company has multiple locations)
  • Averages
  • Responses / Percent
  • By days / weeks
  • Only separate values

All data to be measured is stored in the database. We also provide raw data in excel format if the customer wants to use it for their own purposes, such as for their own reporting systems.