Package Options


For the solution, we have built 4 different packages.

  • Bronze (Application on Customer's Own Machine)

  • Iron (App on a customer's own Tablet. The tablet holder comes from us)

  • Gold (The application is delivered to the tablet as well as a stand. Internet connection from the customer)

  • Diamond (The application is delivered to a tablet, rack and Internet connection)

All packages  includes reporting. Service is implemented as a cloud service, so the breakdown of the device does not remove the information already collected.
The application works on Android systems, Apple systems, Windows systems, Linux systems, or Internet browsers.


The solution comes with own reporting. To do this, the customer gets their own web page where the reporting is visible.

Reporting Meters are updated every 10 minutes. Reporting Metrics can also be linked to customer's own web pages or other sources.


Reporting includes:


  • My reporting portal (Web pages) It is also possible to extend the phone as an application
  • Weekly Reporting by Email
  • E-mail alert from overrun

The layout and animation


The application layout is fully customizable to the customer's wishes.

Editable Elements:

  • Background image (Either image or colors)
  • The answer to the icons (icons can be commonly used emoticons or better reflecting the customer's actions)
  • Animation (Moving image or sound can be added to awaken attention)
  • Banner ads can be added to the view
  • QR photos to links

Animation themes can be built according to customer preferences. Animation can be, for example, an event chain. The customer is responsible for the fumigation service. For a good answer, the answer button sends a number of moving hearts to the screen to thank for the response.
Or, when the application waits for the answering machine, you can walk around the screen and ask for a response.
In animation, imagination is almost a limit. Attention is best taken to flashing colors and movements such as blinking Christmas lights at the edges of the response screen, etc.
Animation can be changed and rebuilt, for example, for different periods. Changing the animation does not affect the information already gathered.